Bio TechnologyShrient Biotech is an integrated Biotech Services company serving R & D and academic Community and Scientists.

Our core strength lies in contract research activities in all related areas of Biotechnology. All research projects are guaranteed for positive outcome within timeline.

We undertake outsourced projects in all related domains of Biotechnology (r-DNA technology, immunology, glycobiology, protein expression/purification and plant molecular biology services).

Our Team works in high-end laboratory with great infrastructure facilities which are housed in a renowned academic and research institution with vast research resources and quality accreditations.

Our team consists of well qualified and experienced specialists in respective areas having worked with reputed research institutions.

We also supply readymade/ branded / custom made reagents, enzymes, kits, etc. for molecular biology research. All research ingredients from us are well accepted within scientific and diagnostic community. For supply chain management, please also visit